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Selection Of Submersible Pump For Gas Station
Aug 27, 2018

The choice of submersible pump, first of all, according to the use of the site's power supply voltage selection of submersible pump rated voltage. In conditions permitting, to choose the rated voltage of 380 volts of three-phase submersible pump, because the same power of 380 volts three-phase submersible pump motor than 220 kv single-phase submersible pump motor loss, high efficiency, resulting in low fever. 220 volts of the submersible pump must be distribution capacity, and the life of the capacitor is far lower than the submersible pump, and therefore unavoidable replacement. In addition, according to the tank size, pipe diameter, pipe length and head, flow and other conditions to choose the most suitable and most efficient submersible pump. In general, according to the manufacturer samples of a variety of series of submersible pump performance curve selection, or commissioned to calculate and select manufacturers.

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