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Crude Oil Electric Submersible Pump
Aug 27, 2018

Submersible pump is multistage centrifugal pumps, mainly composed of multistage impeller, guide shell, pump shaft, pump shell and upper and lower joints.

Multi-section pump can be connected by connecting flange and spline sleeve to meet the need of lift. Submersible pump can adapt to different types of oil well conditions. The pump shaft of the impeller and the Guide shell containing the nickel cast iron and the K-500 Monel alloy can make the pump have satisfactory operation life under the maximum strength and load. In order to adapt to well conditions, part of the load and simplified assembly, multistage submersible pump in the assembly form of the full float, full pressure or half floating type three, in the structure is divided into radial flow and mixed flow, in the use of standard pumps, sand control pumps, anti-corrosion pumps.

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