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Brief Introduction Of Sewage Submersible Pump
Aug 27, 2018

Sewage submersible pump is a kind of no plug pumps, with a variety of forms: such as diving and dry type two, the most commonly used diving submersible sewage pump, the most common dry sewage pumps such as horizontal sewage pump and vertical sewage pump two kinds. Mainly used for transporting municipal sewage, feces or liquid containing fiber. Paper, such as solid particles of media, usually transported medium temperature is not greater than 80 ℃. Because the transported medium contains a filament that is easily wound or bunched. Therefore, this kind of pump flow path is easy to plug, once the pump is blocked will make the pump can not work properly, or even burned the motor, resulting in sewage is not smooth. To the urban life and environmental protection has brought serious impact.

Therefore, the blockage resistance and reliability are important factors for the quality of the sewage pump. As with other pumps, impeller, pressurized water chamber, is the two core components of sewage pump.

Its performance, also represents the advantages and disadvantages of pump performance, sewage pump blocking performance, efficiency, as well as cavitation performance, abrasion resistance is mainly by the vane pump and pressurized water Chamber two parts to ensure.

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